Cabinet Installation in Fargo, ND

Cabinets are a significant investment. Don’t leave cabinet installation to a non-specialized contractor who has neither the expertise or the capacity to do the job.

If your cabinet space is measured incorrectly or the wrong tools are used, you could be in for a sad surprise.

Northern Prairie Cabinets of Fargo, North Dakota, is your local custom cabinet maker with years of cabinet installation experience.

Our team takes the time to ensure that your cabinets are installed to fit your space perfectly. Contact us at (701) 367-0816 for your cabinet installation project in Fargo or throughout Cass County.

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Our Cabinet Installation Process

At Northern Prairie Cabinets, cabinet installation begins during your initial consultation with our design experts. Once we determine what you want, our team can visit your home to ensure that we are working with precise measurements.

Next, we use advanced CAD technology to design cabinets that meet your specific needs and space dimensions. Our expert cabinet makers will then construct your cabinets. 

Finally, our professional licensed and insured cabinet installers will finish the job and ensure they fit perfectly.

Even if you purchase cabinets from another source, Northern Prairie Cabinets can install them in your home or business.

You get these benefits with our professional cabinet installation:

  • Perfect placement: Northern Prairie Cabinets will make sure there are no gaps between cabinet seams
  • Level cabinets that can bear weight: Our cabinet installation experts will secure your cabinets plumb and level. We don’t want them to crash down under the weight of heavy dishes or allow items to slip out because they have uneven surfaces
  • Cost savings: Installing cabinets yourself can lead to expensive mistakes, including cabinet damage and the need to recut the cabinets to fit irregular dimensions

Services We Offer

The Northern Prairie Cabinets team can help you with any cabinet installation job, including:
  • Storage and shop cabinets
  • Basement and garage cabinets
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Built-in dressers and drawers
Before you begin your cabinet installation project, contact Northern Prairie Cabinets at (701) 367-0816.

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