Custom Cabinets in Fargo, ND

Are you looking for custom cabinets for your remodeling project? Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect look for the kitchen in your newly constructed home.

Northern Prairie Cabinets of Fargo, North Dakota, can design and build custom cabinets for any room, space, or function. We’re your local pros, so we make every cabinet to meet your specific needs in our workshop.

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Our Specialties:

Kitchen Cabinets

Storing ALL those dishes, cookware, and utensils can be a pain! We're here to help- Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets create extra storage with a clean look.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom storage can be a tough problem. Even the most spacious baths can leave space to be desired. Custom Bathroom Cabinets can help!

Garage Cabinets

Garages can easily become a space for the "I'll deal with this later" clutter than slowly becomes a black hole. Don't let your car sit out in the harsh elements! Our Garage Cabinets will organize your space and turn it into an efficient storage space

Storage Cabinets

Wherever you need extra storage space, we can help! We will custom-build cabinets to fit any space. We can add under-stair cabinets or loft-style storage in vaulted ceilings. Whatever it is, we will exceed expectations!

Shop Cabinets

If your workshop or warehouse is in need of decluttering and organization, give us a call today. We can bring order and efficiency to your space- Whether it is a personal workshop in the shed, or a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, we can help!

Why Custom Cabinets?

If you purchase stock cabinets from a large supplier, you are limited to storage based on standard measurements and styles. Some pre-made cabinets can be too big or small, complicating the process for even the handiest person.

With custom cabinets from Northern Prairie Cabinets, our craftsmen will design and construct cabinets to fit your design and space specifications.

Custom cabinets are perfect for:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets
  • Garage & Shed Cabinets
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Shop & Office Cabinets

Northern Prairie Cabinets can handle any project—big or small. We can make custom cabinets for new construction, remodeling projects, and commercial space.

Call Northern Prairie Cabinets at (701) 367-0816 to get started on your custom cabinet project.