Multi-Family Cabinets in Fargo, ND

Are you a multi-family building developer looking for an affordable solution for cabinets and other storage solutions? Adding custom cabinetry to your multi-family buildings will give your properties a unique aesthetic appeal while also offering ways to reduce operating costs.

Northern Prairie Cabinets of Fargo, North Dakota, specializes in creating custom cabinets on a large scale to fit any size and style.

If you’re looking to revamp your multi-family properties, call Northern Prairie Cabinets at (701) 367-0816 to learn how our custom cabinets can enhance your project.

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Custom Cabinet Design and Installation for Multi-Family Buildings

Whether you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or built-in dressers, custom cabinets will allow you to maximize underutilized space. You can make your multi-family properties more functional and attractive while increasing their value.

Unlike stock cabinets from big box stores, custom cabinets from Northern Prairie Cabinets are made precisely to your construction specs. Our team of designers, cabinet makers, and installers will work with you to ensure that they fit perfectly in their designated space.

Why Choose Custom?

When you’re remodeling an existing multi-family building, you probably encounter issues like uneven floors and inconsistently sized rooms.

Northern Prairie Cabinets can help you tackle those issues by producing storage solutions explicitly sized for each multi-family unit. All rooms will have a consistent style, but you won’t have to deal with the headache of fitting pre-made cabinets.

Custom cabinets are designed to make your multi-family building stand out from the competition by offering:

  • A unique look and style for every unit
  • Ample storage options for small apartments and condos
  • Precisely crafted dimensions to fit any space

Our Other Services

Northern Prairie Cabinets can handle any custom cabinets for construction projects, including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Garage and basement cabinets
  • Home entertainment centers and built-in cabinets
  • Storage and shop cabinets

Call Northern Prairie Cabinets at (701) 367-0816 to get started.

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